ECCMA Downloads

The ECCMA library is a collection of uniquely valuable free resources for cataloging, data validation and master data management designed specifically for professionals such as yourself but ECCMA has a lot more to offer, have you considered joining the association?

You can join ECCMA as an Associate Member if you would like to be recognized for supporting this work or if you would like to take advantage of some of the more advanced resources such as mapping tables and classification as well as contributing terminology to the eOTD.

You can join ECCMA as a Full Member if you are looking for cost effective practical support in your data cleansing, data validation or master data governance projects. ECCMA help you create or map your corporate dictionary and you can engage the ECCMA team of experts to advise you on the design and implementation of a master data governance strategy as well as conduct a master data cleansing scoping study with its unique industry benchmarks.