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ECCMA is a not-for-profit International Association of Master Data Quality Managers set up in 1999, to develop and maintain open solutions for Faster - Better - Cheaper access to authoritative master data. To Learn More

IDQSummit 2015- Details Coming Soon

Why eOTD The ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary (eOTD) is an open public registry with over 1 million terms and definitions from international and national standards, as well as, from industry associations. It resembles any other dictionary with the addition of public domain concept and terminology identifiers. The eOTD also provides a public registry of localizations based on the language as spoken in a specific region. Companies map their corporate dictionary to the eOTD to lower the cost of maintaining their dictionary and to improve internal/external data integration.

Why eOTDThe ECCMA Corporate Dictionary Manager (eCDM) is a recently added tool that provides members with access to an open source cloud application to create and manage their corporate dictionaries as a subset of the eOTD. For a limited time, ECCMA is offering a 30-day FREE trial of the eCDM whether you're a member or a non-member. Register today!

Case Studies Submitted

Minera San Cristobal S.A. and Unilink

             English Version

             Spanish Version


To submit a case study, please click the button below, fill out the document and return toVicky Kondravy at please contact vicky for additional questions.

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eOTD Stats - November 2015

Dictionary Term Definition
 Class 1,164,309 1,156,490
 Property 128,240 133,584
 Feature 31,587 31,587
 Represent 103 103
 UoM 6,967 7,278
 QoM 95 111
 Prop.Value 337,542 335,194
 Currency 371 371
 Others 15,489 16,204
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